Why Greeks Crack Red Eggs on Easter

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red eggs easter greek cracking Red eggs are 1 of the galore festive sights during Greek Easter. Credit: Vassilis/CC-BY-SA-2.0

Greeks person been cracking reddish eggs astatine Easter for galore centuries. The tradition, though it is besides a amusive game, is of people steeped successful spiritual symbolism, arsenic well.

Despite this heavy spiritual meaning, ovum cracking has evolved into a amusive contented for the faithful of each ages in Greece and beyond, which galore look guardant to each Easter.

Traced backmost to the aboriginal Christians of Mesopotamia, the customized of coating eggs red—in representation of the humor of Christ shed astatine His crucifixion—spread into Eastern Europe and Siberia done the Orthodox Churches, and aboriginal into Western Europe done the Catholic and Protestant Churches.

However, the contented evolved crossed Europe, with radical from galore antithetic cultures, particularly those successful Eastern Europe, coating elaborate, multi-colored Easter eggs.

The Greek contented of reddish Easter eggs has heavy spiritual significance

In Greece, dying eggs red, symbolizing Christ’s blood, has held beardown passim the millennia arsenic an Easter tradition.

The ovum successful itself is simply a symbol, arsenic its hard ammunition represents the sealed tomb of Jesus—the cracking of which symbolizes His resurrection from the dormant and exit from the tomb.

Due to its spiritual significance, the ovum serves arsenic an emblem of the resurrection, and its decorated Easter variations are globally recognized arsenic a awesome of the most peculiar day connected the Christian calendar—Easter, the lawsuit that sealed the committedness for eternal life.

According to immoderate followers of Eastern Christianity, we beryllium the Easter tradition of coating eggs reddish to Mary Magdalene.

This contented of immoderate believers states that Mary Magdalene brought cooked eggs to stock with the different women astatine the tomb of Jesus, and that the eggs successful her handbasket miraculously turned superb reddish erstwhile she witnessed the risen Christ.

How to play tsougrisma with Easter eggs

In Greece, ovum cracking, oregon tsougrisma (τσούγκρισμα successful Greek), starts aft the Resurrection Service and continues the pursuing time astatine the Greek Easter feast.

The reddish painted eggs are tapped against each different and cracked unneurotic betwixt 2 radical arsenic they speech the accepted Easter greeting “Christos anesti!” (“Christ has risen”)—“Alithos anesti!” (“He Truly Has”).

Tsougrisma is truly casual for each to play, and has precise elemental rules.

Each subordinate holds a reddish egg, and 1 taps the extremity of their ovum against the extremity of the different player’s egg. The extremity is to ace the opponent’s ovum without cracking yours, of course.

The regularisation is that you commencement with the aforesaid ends, constituent to point. When 1 extremity is cracked, the victor uses the aforesaid extremity of their ovum to effort to ace the different undamaged extremity of the opponent’s egg.

It past each comes down to whichever ovum remains undamaged. The subordinate who successfully cracks the eggs of the different players is declared the victor and, it is said, volition person bully luck during the year.

Traditionally, erstwhile tapping the egg, the archetypal subordinate would accidental to his hostile “Christos anesti” (“Christ has risen!”) to which the 2nd idiosyncratic responds “Alithos anesti!” (“He Truly Has”) arsenic they instrumentality the tapping connected their end.

How to triumph the ovum cracking game

There are a fewer utile tips for winning astatine the yearly Easter ovum cracking.

Although 1 whitethorn find extended mentation guides online connected however to marque eggs much durable for cracking competitions, erstwhile it comes to Easter ovum cracking, you usually don’t person arsenic overmuch liberty of choice.

Unless you’ve prepared the eggs yourself and sabotaged the others, you person to prime from what is already boiled, dyed, and connected the table.

Hence, your champion changeable to triumph the game, oregon astatine slightest the round, is to employ simple physics—structural mechanics, to beryllium specific.

As geometric stiffness tells america that the curvier the egg, the amended it volition perform, spell for the pointiest ovum you tin spot successful the handbasket oregon connected the platter.

Hold your ovum successful a grip arsenic adjacent to the tapping extremity arsenic possible, truthful that it tin lone beryllium deed astatine the curviest spot connected the apical portion the sides are supported.

A bully thought is to effort to steer the crippled by hitting first. It does not substance however hard you deed the opponent’s egg, but bash purpose for a flatter aboveground adjacent the extremity that you are hitting.

Global popularity of ovum cracking

red eggs easter greek cracking Greek Easter eggs and tsoureki bread. Credit: ManosHacker/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0

Variations of ovum cracking are practiced successful a fewer countries, but the crippled is not ever arsenic spirited arsenic successful the Greek Easter custom.

In Italy, they person the aforesaid game, called “scuccetta,” lone plain eggs are utilized alternatively than reddish ones.

In parts of Austria, Bavaria, and German-speaking Switzerland, the ovum cracking of colored Easter eggs is popularly known arsenic “Ostereiertitschen” oregon “Eierpecken.”

When signifier has made you cleanable astatine ovum cracking, possibly you tin situation yourself astatine the yearly Egg Cracking World Championship successful Peterlee, Durham, UK—using plain eggs, though, which makes the acquisition rather dull successful examination to the much festive red-colored ovum cracking successful Greece.

A connection of warning, however—beware of winning a “pocking eggs” crippled successful confederate Louisiana; the victor has to devour the eggs of the losers successful each round. Sneaky!

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