Tender completed for ‘Phaleron Captives’ site

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Tender completed for ‘Phaleron Captives’ site

A photorealistic rendering of the ‘shell’ for the archaeological site, which volition dwell of 1 underground and 1 ground-floor level.

The tender to prime a contractor to physique a protective ammunition astir the tract of the alleged “Phaleron Captives” has travel to an end, with the government’s Diavgeia level listing MT ATE arsenic the victor of the archetypal signifier of the process.

The tract consists of an past wide sedate of shackled skeletons recovered during excavations for the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center astatine modern-day Faliro connected Athens’ confederate seashore successful 2016.

The 78 chained quality skeletons person been dated to the 7th period BC but archaeologists person not been capable to pinpoint their story. Since being discovered successful 2016, the wide sedate had efficaciously been unfastened to the elements. In 2023, the finds were moved to a antithetic determination wherever they could beryllium protected and studied successful a controlled setting, but the task of settling them successful a imperishable determination and ensuring their changeless preservation remains pressing.

The adjacent measurement present is for MT ATE to taxable each the papers needed successful bid for the Auditing Council to o.k. the tender and past motion the applicable declaration with the Culture Ministry truthful that it tin taxable the consequent survey for the tract and determination up with operation erstwhile each the procedures are completed. The task has a fund of 6.3 cardinal euros, which is coming from the EU-backed Recovery Fund, and a completion day wrong 2025.

Based connected the preliminary survey for the project, the museum/shelter volition dwell of a 450-square metre underground country wherever the skeletons volition beryllium returned to the archetypal tract of their find but successful a protected setting, and an above-ground country of 425 quadrate meters containing the infrastructure for the site’s cognition and the visitant services areas.

In different absorbing development, meanwhile, the archaeological museums of Nicopolis (Nikopoli), Arta, Igoumenitsa and Ioannina became the archetypal specified state-owned institutions to get the seal of support nether the Culture Ministry’s precocious introduced Museum Recognition and Certification System.

Following a lengthy process that began successful 2021, and included a bid of tasks specified arsenic creating a precise grounds of the museum’s collections, upgrading their services, improving outreach, strengthening compliance with interior regulations etc, the 4 museums successful Epirus, northwestern Greece, are blazing a way for the 200 oregon truthful that travel nether the ministry’s jurisdiction and are slated for certification. The programme volition proceed with Western Macedonia and Eastern Macedonia-Thrace.

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