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Tax Returns: How to Submit Declarations from Wages and Pensions - HellaZ.EU.News

Tax Returns: How to Submit Declarations from Wages and Pensions

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Applications for 2015-2021 and amending income taxation returns are present open

Pensioners, employees, and self-employed individuals tin taxable amending declarations for retroactive income. The Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE) has launched a level for declaring retroactive amounts for the years 2015-2021. Pensioners and employees who received retroactive amounts during this play request to taxable amending statements to study the income they received successful 2023.

These declarations indispensable beryllium submitted by December 31, 2024, without penalties, with the assessed taxation owed by January 31, 2025.

For pensioners, income taxation debts and fines resulting from amending income taxation returns for retroactive pension amounts tin beryllium settled successful 2 to 48 interest-bearing monthly installments upon the debtor’s request.

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If the amending declaration is submitted late, nary good is imposed arsenic agelong arsenic the assessed taxation does not transcend 100 euros. The taxation payable volition beryllium based connected the income taxation and peculiar levy scales applicable to the years the retroactive payments pertain to, aft deducting immoderate taxation withheld astatine the 20% complaint erstwhile the retroactive payments were made.

Pensioners specifically tin petition to wage disconnected income taxation debts from retroactive pension amounts successful 2 to 48 interest-bearing monthly installments nether a fixed arrangement.

Additionally, AADE has activated the physics exertion for submitting amending taxation returns connected the integer portal myaade.gov.gr. Taxpayers who place errors oregon omissions successful their archetypal declarations tin present taxable amending income taxation returns for 2023.

Submitting an amended instrumentality wrong the existent deadline of July 26 for this year’s taxation returns incurs nary penalty. When a payer opts to taxable an amended return, the information from the archetypal instrumentality (in signifier E1) and the accompanying forms (E2 and E3), arsenic good arsenic the physics accusation from the Tax Administration regarding net and withheld taxes, are automatically transferred to the caller declaration.

The payer does not request to commencement from scratch but lone needs to close errors and adhd immoderate missing information. If modifications are needed successful the accompanying forms (E2 oregon E3), these should beryllium made archetypal earlier making the corrections successful the main declaration signifier (E1).

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