Skrekas: Inflation at Greek supermarkets near zero

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 Inflation at Greek supermarkets adjacent   zero

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Development and Competitiveness Minister Kostas Skrekas stated successful an interrogation with Parapolitika vigor connected Thursday that the ostentation complaint for nutrient successful Greece has eased by astir 40%, namely from a complaint of 8.3% to a complaint of 5% astatine present.

“Of course, we are not yet astatine the constituent we privation to be, which is nether 2%,” helium admitted.

Skrekas besides added that “inflation astatine supermarkets is astir zero,” compared to the erstwhile year.

He said that precocious prices “are the biggest problems facing households and the apical precedence for the authorities is to find a mode to code it.”

Referring to wide inflation, helium said this is presently astatine astir 3% successful Greece, “from which constituent we judge we volition person a de-escalation successful the coming months. The fastest easing is recorded successful nutrient and is due, mostly, to the government’s measures. Greece has assumed the astir measures successful examination with each different European countries.”

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