Ship became… a flying ship off Kymi – The mirage phenomenon that caused the image

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The vessel “Achilleas” runs the way Skyros-Kymi

The vessel “Achilleas”, which was moving the Skyros-Kymi-Skyros route, became flying disconnected Kymi successful an representation that has been recorded respective times connected ships astatine sea.

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The representation recorded by a lensman is the effect of the improvement known arsenic Fata Morgana.

The Fata Morgana improvement creates a mirage erstwhile the prima heats the ambiance implicit onshore oregon sea, creating a assortment of escalating temperatures.

Thus, a furniture of blistery aerial “sits” connected apical of a furniture of acold air, creating a vertically inverted reflector representation connected which the distant entity appears to hover.

Therefore, erstwhile conditions are ideal, objects (e.g. ships, rocks, etc.) tin look arsenic an apparition, partially successful the entity and partially successful the sea.

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