Offshore wind park plans put on hold

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The European elections person led the offshore upwind workplace improvement programme to an informal freeze.

The fearfulness of the enlargement of the reactions that started from Crete by a imaginable instrumentalization successful the run-up to the European elections has enactment a brake connected the dynamic improvement of the nationalist programme for the installation successful the archetypal signifier (by 2030) of 1.9 gigawatts of offshore upwind farms successful the Greek seas, which has attracted immense concern involvement from the largest overseas and home vigor groups. In its afloat development, the programme successful 2050 envisages the installation of 12.4 GW successful 25 maritime areas of the country.

The Ministry of Environment and Energy and the Hellenic Hydrocarbons and Energy Resources Management Company (EDEYEP) have, according to information, finalized the amended improvement program for the Crete region, pursuing the reactions expressed by the island’s determination authority, municipalities, chambers and hoteliers, but it has been frozen.

It volition apt stay truthful until the European elections are over, a improvement that volition adhd delays to the implementation of the program, which the governmental enactment of the Energy Ministry has linked to the translation of the state into an exporter of greenish vigor and the strengthening of its transit relation successful the wider region.

Greece has precise bully offshore upwind imaginable and has managed to pull the concern involvement of overseas and home groups. The portion of Crete, successful fact, has the champion offshore upwind imaginable successful the Mediterranean. However, aft the backlash the task was revised, limiting the archetypal capableness successful the archetypal signifier of improvement of the nationalist programme from 800 to 600 megawatts. Of this, 400 MW concerns Akrotiri tou Aforismenou, wherever the crippled Crete 2B was moved, aft it was constricted successful country successful bid not to origin ocular and dependable disturbance, and 200 MW eastbound of Sitia. The regulation of powerfulness was imposed for different reason, which is nary different than the capableness of the grid.

As for the 2 different areas of Crete – i.e. Ierapetra and the Dionysades land analyzable – the periphery of the land remains radically opposite, arsenic they are successful Natura areas. In full the archetypal programme provided for the Crete portion with a capableness of 2,135 GW.

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