Italgas: The future belongs to renewable gas

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 The aboriginal   belongs to renewable gas

Italgas sees prospects for important improvement of the Greek earthy state market, aft afloat controlling the Greek mean and debased unit web since September 2022, with the completion of the acquisition of DEPA Infrastructure.

Natural gas, arsenic emphasized successful an interrogation the managing manager of Italgas, Paolo Gallo, with Kathimerini, volition go a renewable state utilizing biomethane and successful the aboriginal utilizing hydrogen, and volition support an important relation successful the vigor modulation landscape.

The simplification successful depletion seen successful 2023 does not interest Gallo: “This is really a non-problem,” helium says, attributing it to mandatory abatement measures taken by European governments owed to rising prices pursuing Russia’s penetration of Ukraine.

In the agelong term, helium sees an summation successful the depletion of state successful the wide sense, i.e. renewable gases that volition chiefly dwell of biomethane and hydrogen, and expresses his disagreement with the imaginable of limiting the targets successful the revised National Energy and Climate Plan (ESEK) of the Greek government. “These restrictions are not accordant with the objectives of the European Union,” emphasizes the caput of Italgas, an sentiment helium has besides conveyed to the Energy Ministry.

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