Gyros, a Favorite Fast Food Choice in Budapest

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BudapestThe Hungarian Parliament successful Budapest. Credit: Jorge Franganillo / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.0

Budapest, the superior metropolis of Hungary, is possibly not the archetypal spot that comes to caput erstwhile 1 thinks of Greek food. However, 1 Greek culinary export, gyros, has go a fashionable fast-food prime for Hungarians and tourists alike.

Restaurants serving gyros person go progressively wide successful Budapest implicit the past 2 decades wherever they person go a steadfast favourite with diners looking for a speedy and tasty meal, particularly aft a nighttime out.

In Greece, gyros are the astir fashionable accelerated nutrient delicacy. A emblematic gyro includes slices of meat, tomato, onion, fried potatoes, and tzatziki wrapped successful pita bread.

Gyros successful  BudapestA gyros from Blue Agori successful Budapest. Credit: Alexander Gale / GreekReporter

Gyros successful Budapest

Blue Agori is astir apt the best-known Greek-style edifice serving gyros successful Budapest and is besides 1 of the astir widespread, with 3 locations crossed the city. One of the restaurants is situated conscionable a fewer minutes locomotion from the city’s celebrated St. Stephen’s Basilica.

“It is precise important to america that our ingredients are not lone of precocious quality, but besides travel from Greece, for the astir authentic sensation experience!” states the Blue Agori website.

Blue Agori’s owner, Stavros Koranis, grew up successful the Hungarian capital, but helium possessed an appreciation for his Greek roots from a young age, mostly acknowledgment to his parent who instilled wrong him a emotion for gastronomy. This deep-rooted appreciation for Greek culture is expressed successful the gastronomical delights Koranis has worked hard to marque accessible successful Budapest.

Popular Greek edifice successful Budapest, Blue Agori, is opening a 2nd location, adding Greek donuts and courgettes to the already fashionable menu. #budapest #greek #restaurant #food #wheretoeat #new #newlocation #greekfood #blueagori

— We Love Budapest (@welovebudapest) July 14, 2020

Of course, Blue Agori is not the lone spot wherever gyros are disposable successful Budapest. Kyros Gyros successful Hegedűs Gyula and Budapest Gyros successful Wesselényi are conscionable 2 examples. Both restaurants person supra 4 retired of five-star reviews connected Google.

Gyros: A Brief History

The sanction “gyros” virtually means ”round” oregon “loop” and galore theories beryllium astir the past and its origins. Is it conscionable a Greek saltation of the globally known Turkish kebab? Or could it day backmost to past times, erstwhile the service of Alexander the Great was known to skewer and roast assorted cuts of nutrient connected agelong swords implicit an unfastened fire?

In truth, determination is nary mode to verify immoderate of the theories. Gyros, arsenic we cognize them today, became a celebrated crockery pursuing the accomplishment of Greek immigrants from Asia Minor successful the 1920s. Throughout the 20th century, section fast-food shops grew successful popularity, not lone successful Athens but each implicit Greece and beyond its shores.

Inspired by the Turkish kebab, the Greeks who came from Anatolia created a much Greek-looking saltation of it by utilizing Greek nutrient and section ingredients.

Formal eating options

Gyros are an fantabulous accelerated nutrient option, but for those who privation a much upscale Greek eating experience, determination are a fig of restaurants successful Budapest that connection Greek nutrient successful a much ceremonial setting.

One of the champion is Mazi, located astatine Alkotmany Utca, conscionable a fewer minutes locomotion from the iconic Hungarian Parliament. Mazi is an “authentic Greek bistro successful a modern space” led by Greek chefs. The edifice offers accepted Greek seafood and upland dishes with a modern twist.

Mazi has a five-star standing connected Tripadvisor, with implicit 2,500 reviews. Last year, the edifice won the Tripadvisor Traveller’s Choice Award and the Authentic Greek Cuisine Golden Award.

Another enactment is Mythos the Greek successful Arany János, not acold from St. Stephen’s Basilica. This restaurant, located successful engaged downtown Budapest, “welcomes each those funny who privation to permission mundane beingness down and walk an evening successful Greece.”

Mythos boasts an extended paper of Greek delicacies paired with immoderate of the champion wines from crossed Hungary, perfectly combining Greek cuisine with Hungarian oenology.

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