Greeks Celebrate Saint George’s Day in Style at Arachova

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Saint George ArachovaMen wearing accepted attire get acceptable to observe Saint George successful Arachova. Credit: Greek Reporter

The solemnisation of Saint George connected May 6th is 1 of the astir important feasts successful Greece and astatine Arachova successful peculiar wherever the saint is the town’s patron.

For days this municipality successful cardinal Greece prepared for a section festival oregon paniyiri which has its roots successful Byzantine times. The contented that survived the Ottoman concern draws thousands of visitors each year.

Saint George's DayCredit: Greek Reporter

Men and women formal successful accepted clothes, they sing and creation and they besides repetition the Easter contented of roasting lambs connected the streets of Arachova.

Saint George's DayCredit: Greek Reporter

A procession carrying the saint’s icon parades astir the colony and winds uphill to the church. Villagers dressed successful colorful accepted covering travel the icon procession portion dancing troupes entertain the crowd.

Saint GeorgeCredit: Greek Reporter

Arachova, the wintertime Mykonos of Greece knows however to observe its patron saint.

Saint George ArachovaCredit: Greek Reporter

Almost each Greek households person idiosyncratic called Georgios oregon Georgia among adjacent oregon distant relatives oregon friends.

Saint George was a Roman serviceman of Greek descent from Cappadocia

Very small is known astir St George’s life, but it is thought helium was a Roman serviceman of Greek descent from Cappadocia who was martyred successful 1 of the pre-Constantinian persecutions.

There are 2 main versions of the legend, a Greek and a Latin version, which tin some beryllium traced to the 5th oregon sixth century.

In the Greek tradition, George was calved to Greek Christian parents successful Cappadocia. His begetter died for the religion erstwhile George was lone fourteen, and his parent returned with George to her homeland of Syria Palaestina.

A fewer years later, George’s parent died. George past traveled to the capital, Nicomedia, and joined the Roman army.

George was persecuted for his religion by a antheral called Dadianus. In aboriginal versions of the Greek legend, this sanction is rationalized arsenic Diocletian, and George’s martyrdom is placed successful the Diocletian persecution of 303 AD.

George was executed by decapitation earlier Nicomedia’s metropolis wall, connected April 23, 303. A witnesser of his suffering convinced Empress Alexandra of Rome to go a Christian, arsenic well, truthful she joined George successful martyrdom.

His assemblage was returned to Lydda for burial, wherever Christians soon came to grant him arsenic a large martyr, oregon hieromartyr—not lone 1 who dies for the religion but whose heroic decease leads others to person to Christianity.

The Latin Passio Sancti Georgii (in the 6th century) follows the wide people of the Greek legend, but Diocletian present becomes Dacian, Emperor of the Persians.

George lived and died successful Melitene successful Cappadocia. His martyrdom was greatly extended to much than 20 abstracted tortures implicit the people of 7 years.

Over the people of his martyrdom, 40,900 pagans were converted to Christianity, including the empress Alexandra.

When George yet died, the wicked Dacian was carried distant successful a whirlwind of fire. In aboriginal Latin versions, the persecutor is the Roman emperor Decius, oregon a Roman justice named Dacian serving nether Diocletian.

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