Greece extends naval advisory to deter Russian oil ship-to-ship transfers

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The Greek navy connected Wednesday extended an advisory efficaciously banning vessel postulation disconnected the seashore of the southeastern Peloponnese that 2 sources said was aimed astatine deterring ship-to-ship transfers of Russian lipid disconnected Greece.

Greece, successful a uncommon move, implicit the past weeks has issued 2 NAVTEX notices for subject exercises successful the Laconian Gulf area, urging merchant and different vessels to debar the area. One of them was issued connected May 1.

“It was initially expiring connected May 9 but was extended today,” said a defence ministry authoritative who declined to beryllium named.

Following Russia’s penetration of Ukraine successful 2022, planetary sanctions person made trading Russian crude and lipid products progressively difficult, prompting traders to question loopholes to export them, including offshore ship-to-ship transfers.

In caller months, waters astir the confederate seashore and the Laconian Gulf person been gathering lipid transportation points particularly for tankers carrying Russian lipid onto different vessels.

Vessels are positioned beyond the bounds of six nautical miles from the enactment to debar cargo and vas checks by Greek authorities.

“You cannot execute an inspection connected a vessel with a overseas emblem successful planetary waters. Unless a vas carries a Greek emblem your hands are tied,” said a 2nd root with cognition of the matter.

“The NAVTEX advisory is an indirect mode to forestall specified activities.”

A 3rd authorities authoritative said that Athens plans to widen maritime advisories for subject exercises successful that country which could yet propulsion distant STS transfers adjacent to Greek waters.

In April, Reuters reported that 4 tankers were stuck adjacent the Laconian Gulf aft the United States deed the vessels with Iran-related sanctions.

Russia has been grappling with the nonaccomplishment of security and different shipping services arsenic Western countries crook the screws connected Moscow with fiscal sanctions.

The European Commission is expected to suggest sanctions connected lipid tankers successful the alleged “shadow fleet” that transports Russian lipid extracurricular the Group of Seven countries (G7) lipid terms headdress limit, European Union sources told Reuters past month. [Reuters]

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