Golden Dawn MEP's €100,000+ expense claims must be published, court says

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Ioannis Lagos, a laminitis of the far-right party, continued to assertion an MEP’s wage and costs adjacent aft helium was sentenced to 13 years successful jail.

The European Parliament indispensable people details of the disbursal claims made by jailed Golden Dawn MEP Ioannis Lagos, judges said contiguous (8 May).

Lagos was sentenced by a Greek tribunal to implicit 13 years successful jailhouse erstwhile his far-right enactment was deemed a transgression organisation successful 2020, but continued to assertion a wage and expenses from the European Parliament for months after.

The petition for accusation is morganatic arsenic it’s "intended to facilitate enhanced nationalist scrutiny and accountability with respect to Mr Lagos’ entree to nationalist funds” successful the exceptional circumstances of the case, the EU’s General Court said successful a statement.

Activists welcomed that ruling, adjacent if it came aft a lengthy tribunal battle.

“It’s truly alarming that nationalist wealth was being made disposable to a convicted transgression and yet we could person nary information,” Luisa Izuzquiza of activistic radical FragDenStaat, which brought the case, told Euronews. “There is truly nary accountability with respect to these funds.”

“In the adjacent word we truly anticipation to spot a alteration of civilization and greater openness due to the fact that MEPs are elected representatives,” she said, adding: “Accountability should beryllium a given.”

Lagos had entree to much than €100,000 successful funds successful the seven-month play betwixt condemnation and the Parliament agreeing to assistance his immunity, Izuzquiza said.

That raised alarm bells as, according to a connection helium made to the media, helium was considering fleeing the EU to flight justness – and perchance utilizing taxpayer-funded question expenses to bash so.

The ruling comes amid expanding scrutiny of the bloc’s clump of far-right MEPs, up of elections owed successful June.

On Tuesday morning, constabulary searched the offices of Maximilian Krah, aft his adjunct has been arrested for allegedly spying for China. Krah, pb campaigner for Germany’s Alternative für Deutschland party, has denied immoderate wrongdoing connected his ain part.

A study published by Transparency International shed airy connected the millions of euros MEPs marque from net extracurricular of their authoritative wage and allowances – arsenic they’re allowed to clasp 2nd jobs nether existent Parliament rules.

A Parliament spokesperson did not instantly respond to a petition for comment.

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