Gazprom recorded a record loss and is selling off property

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Gazprom began selling disconnected its property: its indebtedness reached 6.65 trillion rubles, and its nonaccomplishment reached a grounds level.

Having recorded its archetypal nonaccomplishment successful a 4th of a period and a grounds nonaccomplishment successful its history, Gazprom is starting to merchantability disconnected its property. Eighth of May institution announced astir uncovering buyers for ample existent property properties successful Moscow and the Moscow region.

These see bureau buildings connected Stroiteley Street, the sanatorium-resort analyzable “Imperial Park Hotel & Spa” successful the colony of Pervomaiskoye, Rogozino village, non-residential premises connected the archetypal level successful a location connected Novocheremushkinskaya Street, and a parking batch for 96 spaces adjacent the company's main bureau successful the capital.

The company’s property work explained that the determination was made “taking into relationship the completion of the determination of the Gazprom Group companies to St. Petersburg.”

Last year, Gazprom received 629 cardinal rubles of nett nonaccomplishment nether IFRS, reported a autumn successful gross by 27%, and EBITDA by half. The state concern of the company, which operates the largest reserves connected the planet, became unprofitable (by 1.2 trillion rubles per year), and Gazprom’s indebtedness reached a grounds 6.65 trillion rubles, exceeding the size of the liquid portion of the National Welfare Fund (5 trillion rubles).

By cutting disconnected state to astir European countries successful an unsuccessful effort to execute concessions connected Ukraine, the Kremlin deprived Gazprom of its main income market, with which it had been gathering ties for astir fractional a century. writes Russian work of The Moscow Times. At the extremity of the year, Gazprom exported lone 69 cardinal cubic meters of state – the minimum measurement since 1985.

Compared to 2022, the measurement of pumping overseas decreased by different third, and compared to pre-war levels – 3 times. Supplies to Europe fell to 28 cardinal cubic meters, the level of the 2nd fractional of the 1970s. Gazprom's accumulation turned retired to beryllium the minimum implicit the 34 years of the company's beingness and amounted to lone 404 cardinal cubic meters.

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