Ersin Tatar: Without common ground, no meaning to begin negotiations on the Cyprus Issue – Monologue by the Turkish Cypriot leader during his meeting with the UN Secretary-General

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He appeared unyielding mounting sovereignty equality and adjacent planetary presumption arsenic a precondition for negotiations

Turkish Cypriot person Ersin Tatar emphasised that restarting negotiations connected the Cyprus Issue requires communal ground, highlighting the value of recognising Turkish Cypriot sensitivities. He reiterated his stance connected sovereign equality and adjacent planetary presumption arsenic prerequisites for talks. Tatar accused the Greek Cypriot broadside of needing a mindset displacement and recognising Turkish Cypriot rights. He emphasised the request for a solution based connected practice betwixt 2 states and refused to succumb to pressure, asserting that leaders volition not prosecute successful dialog without addressing these cardinal issues.

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Mr. Tatar highlighted the non-negotiable quality of Turkish Cypriots’ inherent rights, sovereignty, and adjacent planetary presumption during discussions with the Turkish Foreign Minister and the UN envoy. He stated that without gathering these criteria, they volition not prosecute successful negotiations. Underlining the deficiency of communal ground, helium criticised the Greek Cypriot side’s actions and underscored the value of establishing Turkish Cypriots’ rights. He reiterated the request for a alteration successful mindset and stressed that immoderate aboriginal statement indispensable beryllium based connected the practice of 2 states. Without accepting their caller policy, helium stressed that returning to the dialog array would beryllium pointless. Indirectly responding to Mrs. Olguin, Mr. Tatar expressed that immoderate NGOs explicit their views, connected the different hand, what binds their authorities are the decisions made by the people’s struggle, and the relations with Turkey. Mrs. Olguin went connected to explicit what Cyprus has experienced successful the past 50 years highlighting the injustices and the deficiency of a solution successful Cyprus.

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