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Elderly woman assists in arrest of scam caller - HellaZ.EU.News

Elderly woman assists in arrest of scam caller

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Elderly pistillate   assists successful  apprehension  of scam caller

A antheral was arrested successful the Peloponnesian metropolis of Patra for attempted extortion aft an aged pistillate assisted constabulary with the operation. 

The aged pistillate called the constabulary aft receiving a telephone telephone from the antheral and different pistillate demanding 175,000 euros. The scam callers, pretending to beryllium a doc and the aged woman’s daughter, claimed the girl had been successful a superior postulation mishap and required aesculapian help. When the antheral arrived astatine the aged woman’s location to retrieve the money, she called the police, who arrested him immediately.

Pre-investigation proceedings indicated that the defendant, on with different chartless accomplices, had been committing akin fraudulent crimes since May, chiefly targeting the elderly. The antheral faces charges of fraud and information successful a transgression organization.

The suspect volition attest earlier a Patra authoritative portion constabulary proceed investigating imaginable past transgression activity. 

Police person released guidelines to support aged residents owed to a surge successful scam caller crimes.

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