Easter Distribution: Sharing Joy and Essentials with Greek Citizens in Need

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For yet different Easter, the Hellenic Relief Foundation unneurotic with their spouse enactment successful Athens ΕΛΕΣΘΥ, ensured that beneficiaries of the monthly distributions had each the basics for the Easter vacation table.The Social Committee of the Athenian Society successful Greece was besides a important contributor. Starting connected Holy Tuesday, the organisation of packages began containing the accustomed basal nutrient items, arsenic good arsenic lamb, eggs, tsourekia, and sodas to organizations, foundations, and immoderate 350 beneficiary families and individuals. Among the beneficiary organizations were the Mutual Assistance Fund of the Association of Greek Actors (ΤΑΣΕΗ), and the Meropeio Nursing Home of Athens, on with their attraction helping for aged women. By Holy Wednesday, the organisation retired of the organization’s office successful Thiseio had concluded.

The enactment of our chap Greek citizens successful request is made imaginable with the enactment of the omogenia and the volunteers successful Athens, who spare nary monetary disbursal oregon effort to guarantee that thing is missing from the monthly distributions. Especially for the Easter distribution, the publication from the assemblage of Ss Nicholas Constantine & Helen from Roseland, NJ was crucial. All the funds for the Easter organisation were raised during a performance organized by the assemblage successful Roseland. Ensuring that each protocols and standards are met successful this transparent charitable enactment is Ms. Maria Siourdi, manager of the H.R.F’s spouse enactment ΕΛΕΣΘΥ, who on with the tireless volunteers Antonia Pantouvaki, Soula Belli, and Emy Spanou person contributed successful their ain mode to the efforts of the omogenia, and person besides brought caller supporters to this monthly endeavor.

In attendance for the Easter organisation notably was Ms. Saki Kypraiou, the longtime caput of the erstwhile Prime Minister of Greece Konstantinos Mitsotakis, Ms. Elli Thanogianni, president of the instauration Friends of the Meropeio Nursing Home, arsenic good arsenic Ms. Marina Goniotaki.

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Despite the efforts of the omogenia done the H.R.F,. its spouse organization, and its donors, and contempt the upward economical inclination successful Greece, the effects of that maturation are not yet overtly visible, and rates of some poorness and unemployment stay high. Along with the aforementioned groups doing their portion to tackle this problem, the pursuing companies besides showed their enactment successful this organisation and others: N. Konstantopoulou Group, Agrovim, Kamilaris AEBE – Ariston Butter, FrieslandCampina, Coca-Cola 3E, Karamolegos AEBE, Arla Foods, Food Bank, Barba Stathis, Tottis-Bingo, Barilla AE, Softex, and Mr. Dimitris Mouliatos, president of the 2nd Municipal Market of Athens, which offered escaped ample quantities of potatoes and eggs for the beneficiaries.

Photo Credit: Stavros Tsakiridis

There was besides nary shortage of Easter eggs and chocolates for the children of the beneficiaries, who besides had apparel astatine their disposal complements of the H.R.F.’s spouse organization. The group, on with their honorary president Ms. Kypraiou and caput unpaid Ms. Siourdi, convey the omogenia, successful peculiar the assemblage from Ss Nicholas Constantine & Helen successful Roseland, and idiosyncratic sponsors who supported financially and materially the Easter distribution, but besides those that enactment the enactment of the H.R.F. twelvemonth round.

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The Hellenic Relief Foundation Inc. is simply a non nett enactment (501(c)3) and was founded successful 2012, with the extremity of raising funds successful the United States to beryllium utilized towards the acquisition of nutrient items, and different basal necessities for the underprivileged successful Greece that person accrued successful numbers owed to the existent crisis. To date, astir 950,000 dollars person been remitted, and with donations wrong Greece, arsenic good arsenic volunteered societal and medicinal services, the existent worth of the assistance is astir 1.6 cardinal dollars. The expenses of the HRF are covered by committee members. For much information: www.hellenicrelief.org

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