BMW stops production of internal combustion engines in Germany

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On November 10, 2023, BMW produced the past interior combustion motor astatine its Munich plant. This is owed to the information that BMW has decided to halt producing interior combustion engines successful Germany, but they volition proceed to beryllium produced successful European countries.

In particular, the Bavarians decided to determination accumulation to factories successful Austria and the UK, portion the Munich works volition beryllium acceptable to beryllium reconfigured to beryllium capable to nutrient electrical cars. This determination was announced backmost successful November 2020. At the time, the German automaker said its 8- and 12-cylinder engines would beryllium assembled astatine Hams Hall successful the UK, and smaller engines astatine Steyr successful Austria. According to the German work BR24, The past interior combustion motor produced astatine the Munich works was the V8, which rolled disconnected the assembly enactment connected November 10.

Approximately 1,200 employees astatine the Munich works volition either beryllium retrained and reassigned to different positions oregon volition enactment astatine different BMW sites. However, dissimilar competitors, BMW has not made immoderate announcements regarding erstwhile it volition halt producing thermal models, arsenic it does not look to judge that a afloat power to electrical propulsion is feasible earlier 2030. Therefore, it volition proceed to nutrient some thermal and electrical kits, which volition beryllium supplied to astir markets.

The Munich works oversees accumulation of the electrical i4 from October 2021 and volition besides beryllium wherever aboriginal electrical vehicles from Neue Klasse volition travel to life. According to the BMW blog, different electrical cars that volition beryllium assembled successful Munich volition beryllium the i3, i3 Touring and the 2nd mentation of the i4. BMW has confirmed that it volition motorboat six Neue Klasse electrical vehicles betwixt 2025 and 2027.

But these are not the lone electrical models that the marque produces (or volition produce) successful Germany. The iX, i5 and i7 are produced successful Dingolfing, portion the iX1 and iX2 are produced successful Regensburg. In addition, BMW plans to make a ample artillery assembly works successful Strasskirchen.

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