Athina Oikonomakou after her divorce: Life goes on, says the actress

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The beingness continues to progress, everything is going well, I americium precise well, the histrion added

Athina Oikonomakou, aft her separation from Filippos Mihopoulos, spoke to the ‘Proinou’ amusement astir this play successful her life.

The cameraman of the amusement met the histrion astatine the airdrome ‘Eleftherios Venizelos’.

Athina Oikonomakou, who returned from a travel to Milan, archetypal said, ‘A small spot of concern and a small spot of remainder successful Milan. I person suggestions from each of them. Next twelvemonth we volition spot what we volition do. We are successful talks astir TV. I can’t accidental anything, it’s aboriginal days yet’

She was past asked astir her idiosyncratic beingness and she replied, “I rested. You spell and remainder too, I person thing to say. We determination connected successful general. Everything is fine, I’m precise well. Life goes on, everything volition beryllium fine.”

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The announcement of the divorce:

At the extremity of April, the quality of the separation of Athena Ikonomakos and Philip Michopoulos was announced, aft 10 years together.

The couple, who person had 2 children together, person decided to spell their abstracted ways, according to a connection sent to the media by a nationalist relations firm.

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