At noon on Holy Saturday, a 41-year-old Georgian man was shot dead on the street of Thessaloniki (video)

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In Thessaloniki, a 41-year-old antheral of Georgian root was changeable dormant contiguous astatine noon, May 4. Shots were fired successful the backmost from a passing burgundy Renault car without licence plates.

The incidental occurred successful the Stavrupoli area, the unfortunate of the transgression was connected a motorcycle. Before the attack, helium had conscionable stopped and removed his helmet. One of the bullets deed him successful the backmost and remained successful his chest, and the 2nd deed him successful the shoulder. The constabulary study states:

“Today astatine noon, a 41-year-old national was recovered dormant connected the roadworthy successful the Stavroupoli area, with 2 gunshot wounds. A squad from the Sub-Directorate of Criminal Investigations of Northern Greece arrived astatine the country to inspect the country of the incident. The preliminary probe is being carried retired by constabulary officers from the Department for Crimes against Life and Personal Liberty Thessaloniki Security Directorate.

How writes, the criminals – 2 men and a pistillate – were driving successful a burgundy Renault car without licence plates on Vasily Tsitsani Street. One of the men fired astatine slightest 3 times. After this, the unfortunate was capable to instrumentality a fewer steps, and past collapsed connected the roadworthy dead. It is worthy noting that the shots rang retired adjacent the playground and successful beforehand of visitors to a adjacent store.

Media reports that the deceased was antecedently known to the police, successful peculiar successful the section for combating crimes against life. The authorities established his identity: helium turned retired to beryllium an emigrant from Russia, who had antecedently been prosecuted by the authorities for information successful a transgression organization, extortion, drugs, arson, usurpation of weapons laws and for providing “protection” to nightclubs successful Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki and different cities successful Northern Greece.

The hunt for criminals is underway and their identities are established. All ways notes variation, pb to the section mafia.

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