Arachova: A Refined Winter Destination

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Aigli (Tel. (+30) 22670.317.67, Since its opening in 2008, it has become a popular choice among visitors. It has 36 rooms, spa services (massage, swimming pool, Turkish bath, sauna, and whirlpool), and it’s been built to look like a miniature version of the town of Arachova. A sumptious breakfast is served in the fourth-floor restaurant. From €95 per double.

Afanos (Tel. (+30) 22670.315.14, The guesthouse occupies an old mansion; it has 12 rooms and two suites. Choose doubles room without a fireplace, double rooms with a fireplace or either of the two suites. Breakfast includes artisanal bread, fresh croissants, fruit, eggs, juice, yoghurt, and honey, and can be served in bed. From €90 per double.

Blue Mountain (Tel. (+30) 694.907.0904, Opened in 2019, this establishment has three double rooms (one with a jacuzzi) and two five-bed rooms. It offers a continental breakfast (bread, butter, jam, cheese, and cake) and is suitable for couples and families with children. The rooms have Nespresso machines, Netflix, board games (Monopoly, Uno, Scrabble), and children’s books. From €80 per double.

Peony (Tel. (+30) 22670.321.77, A guesthouse with 14 rooms (standard doubles, deluxe doubles and triples), this establishment offers a full breakfast (eggs, cereal, croissants, coffee, and fresh juices), and there’s a ski equipment storage room that serves those guests who will be skiing on Mt Parnassos. The guesthouse’s name comes from a local mountain wildflower, Paeonia parnassica. From €100 per double.

Santa Marina Arachova Resort & Spa (Tel. (+30) 22670.319.54, The resort provides luxurious accommodation with suites and a villa, an indoor pool with spa jets, a gym and rooms for face and body treatments. Breakfast here includes eggs (poached, scrambled or omelettes), savory pies, fresh juices, rice pudding, and cake. Please note that the establishment operates on Fridays and Saturdays only, with Sunday departures required. From €240 per double.


In the butcher shop of Kostas Kommatas (Tel. (+30) 22670.311.94) you’ll find cheese as well as sausages and well as many other fine meats, and the proprietor will also be happy to answer questions about the town. There are several shops with traditional products, such as Nikos Syros (Tel. (+30) 22670.326.85), which has Arachova olive oil, Amfissa olives, trachana, noodles and local cheeses, such as Arachova’s own PDO formaela. The Papastathis store (Tel. (+30) 22670.291.82) is perfect if you have a sweet tooth; they have special local cookies and other treats made with coconuts and almonds, as well as “cigars,” elongated syrup-soaked sweets.


WEATHER: On the webpage, you’ll find weather data for Arachova and information on the katevatos, a northeast wind that descends from the peaks of Parnassos. In addition to its very real effects on the environment, the katevatos has fostered a number of local legends.

ARTS: Four years ago, the Urbandig Project of the theater and dance group No, We’re Playing, in collaboration with the University of Patras and the European Cultural Center of Delphi, conducted research into the textile traditions of Arachova. In 2021, they used what they’d found to make a video, shot at the Folklore Museum, showing lesser-known aspects of the daily life of Arachova weavers who, when they took breaks from the loom, danced for relaxation. The aim is to organize future trips to Arachova with a focus on textiles and the activities presented in the video (you can watch it at The video shoot took place in collaboration with the Folklore Museum of Arachova and with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

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