Androulakis: The prosperity of the smaller islands populations is a top priority for us

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Opposition PASOK-Movement for Change person Nikos Androulakis who is visiting connected Tuesday the land of Serifos stated aft his gathering with the island's politician Konstantinos Revinthis.

"The prosperity of the imperishable populations of the smaller islands of our state is simply a apical precedence for america and that's wherefore we suggest beardown taxation incentives for productive investments successful manufacturing and the superior assemblage on with the strenthgening of the infrastructure and beardown societal authorities with absorption connected acquisition and health".

Androulakis and Revinthis besides discussed the problems of the islanders, the degradation of societal authorities infrastructure and services arsenic good arsenic the effects of the aureate visa connected the residential improvement of tiny islands with little than 3,000 inhabitants.

"There is besides the contented that has arisen with the aureate visa" Androulakis said to the whitethorn adding that " I find it inconceivable that the authorities - aft PASOK's unit - raised the aureate visa bounds to 800,000 euros successful Crete and different ample islands, but present successful the smaller islands of the Cyclades and the remainder of Greece the bounds remains astatine 400,000 euros arsenic a effect of which large unit is caused and inequalities are created", helium added.

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