Alexander, better known as Technoblade, was an American YouTuber and internet personality. He was best known for his Minecraft videos and livestreams on his YouTube channel, as well as... Wikipedia

  • Born:  Alexander, June 01, 1999
  • Died:  June 1999, 2022
  • Nationality:  American
  • Occupation:  YouTuber, livestreamer
  • Website:
  • Pseudonym:  Technoblade, Technothepig, StudioLORE
  • Channel(s):  Technoblade, Technothepig, StudioLORE
  • Years active:  2013–2022
  • Genre:  Gaming
  • Subscribers:  11.3 million (main channel), 1.2 million (second channel)
  • Total views:  1.3 billion (main channel), 42.7 million (second channel)
  • Associated acts:  Dream SMP
  • Data source:  DuckDuckGo
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